05.13.11 – 05.14 (Transfered from original blog)

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05.13.11 – Yesterday I was lost in a sea of negative thoughts. The utter futility of my current circumstances was overwhelming. I could not shake it from my mind. I watched as my will was being whittled down to nothing. I was the observer, and I knew that something was wrong with the way I was feeling. I thought to write what I was feeling in my journal. The negativity came on so suddenly that I could not understand why I was feeling that way. The Nameless must be influencing me in some way again. I wrote in the journal that these thoughts were not my own so they must be placing these thoughts in my head or they have again been able to enter my home and put drugs in my food. I wondered if they were trying to make me commit suicide, but the thought of suicide is such an awful thing to me. As soon as I finished my entry in the journal, I could feel the negativity begin to subside. I went out to do some errands and the negativity was gone. The have me completely enclosed. I am surrounded by them in almost every aspect of my life. It is both fascinating and also very daunting.
    If I have not replied to your email it is because I have not received it. They have intercepted my email in the past I believe they may be doing this again with this site. I am open to answering any questions that any of you have. Please be persistent…

05.14.11 – I was again the victim of what I am calling psychic attacks. I believe the perpetrator was a lady medium height and build with dark hair and a dark sunglasses. I noticed her staring at me before I entered a health food store, but I did not see her in the store. When I exited the store I saw that she was seated outside with an older man. As I stood on the sidewalk she passed behind me. It looked like she was in a hurry. What I thought was interesting, the older man she was sharing a table with looked a little puzzled. I assume that she just got up and left him sitting there. I am getting used to these kinds of attacks. Most of the time I feel only minor effects, thanks to the energy emitted by the device.
    White powdered gold has the ability to allow the user to hear the thoughts of others. David Hudson states that it is caused by the Meissner field of superconductors. He states that the aura is the Meissner field in the human body. Everyone has small amounts of superconducting material (rhodium, iridium) in their bodies most of it is concentrated in the brain. The Meissner field of a white powdered gold user is enhanced. Anyone within the field of the user is susceptible to having their thoughts heard. This would also enable the person to place thoughts in someone else’s mind. I do not know exactly how the lady, or many of my other attackers, are able to induce the pressure in my heart. Whether they use their thoughts or some other technique is not known to me. But, they must get close enough to me in order to attack. The auras (Meissner fields) of the attacker and the victim must overlap in order for the attack to be successful. Most of the attackers have been about arms length away from me. I can place the attacker at every incident. Those with the ability to use this attack must have high energy levels or auras. I have an ability to sense those types of people in my conscious cloud even before I started to use white powdered gold. I will remember her if I see her again. I seem to be able to remember all of the faces of my attackers for some reason.
    Amendment: The lady I mentioned above looked familiar to me. I remember seeing her with another member of the group I call the Nameless when they were looking for me one day after I snuck out the back exit of my apartment building in late February 2011 (mentioned in the book). I see you…

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