05.08.11 – 05.12.11 (Transfered from original blog)

Posts from original blog www.i-am-xam.com/blog.html 

05.08.11 – The surveillance continues. They have created a buffer zone between me and the rest of the world it seems. They continue to monitor me and keep tract of anyone I may have contact with. It has gotten to the point that I watch them watch me, and yet I still do not know why they do this. What are they afraid of? Are they doing this to prevent me from contacting someone who knows what is going on?

05.09.11 – The are still using their technology to lower my energy levels. The device seems to be the only way I can keep the radiation, or whatever they are using on me, from depleting my energy. The energy from the device helps get rid of the numbness and tingling sensation from the radiation. The device is the only way I can find relief. I can see positive changes in my conscious cloud when I use the device, but I’m still stuck in limbo.

05.10.11 – The subconscious architect of my conscious cloud is letting me know what actions are necessary. The positive changes are slowly being manifested. The environment of my mind within the construct of my meditation is also changing. I no longer need to focus on anything in particular. I just set my mind adrift and the stillness comes over me.

05.11.11 – I took a double dose of white powdered gold this morning. Their response was an extra heavy concentration of radiation for most of the day. This is evidence that they can sense my energy levels. They know when I start begin to reach a point where I might be able to ascend or hear the thoughts of others again. I’m back in the mode of replacing what they take away. If it was not for the device this would not be possible. This is what it has come to since they have stopped trying to induce a heart attack with their psychic abilities.

05.12.11 – Those that I call the Nameless did not like my last post. The comment about the heart attack brought about an increase in the radiation they expose me to on a daily basis. When I was writing the book they would always increase the radiation whenever I would write about some of the negative things they have done to me. Since I am still captive in my current set of circumstances they have the ability to punish me whenever I do something that they do not like. They are attempting to train me to behave. I have never really responded well to that sort of conditioning. It is also the reason for my current condition, I am and will forever be defiant.

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