Journal: Emergence

Full Moon 14.9 days, Aquarius – Air. Time 13:06, planet hours: Mars.

Clarissa Conti had noted that she and her partner have had anomalous scratches and injuries that they were unable determine the source. At the time the post was written she believed that the injuries were caused by extraterrestrial activity. Her assessment might have changed since then and subsequently my ability to believe her assessment has changed also.

I am starting to have similar experiences where I am unable to explain certain injuries and irregular health related issues. The latest being a blemish on my face that was growing in size. I was able to remove a small particle that resembled a very small grain of rice from within the blemish. The particle was almost cartilage like in texture. After the particle was removed the blemish healed.

My assessment is not related to an extraterrestrial implant, but more in line with what most refer to as activity from dimensional entities and my own unconscious activities manifesting in my conscious reality.

If you think that this is some crazy shit, I absolutely agree with you. But, when I was shaving earlier today I noticed a lighter streak of skin on my face that looks like a scar from many years ago. I never had a laceration on my face in that area. I have scars from other cuts and bruises from my activities in the great outdoors, but there are memories associated with those scars. I accept that I could be remembering things wrong – Mandela Effect

I am inclined to believe that my conscious and unconscious are merging and this may be causing an emergence of something new or a return to the source. I really cannot determine what may be happening, if anything notable is happening at all.

How does anyone go about navigating a new environment or multiple conscious realities? What wit or will is available? Simply, trust your unconscious higher self.

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