Journal: Outer Limits

13th_floor.jpgI’m on the fence. I used to be at a point where I was testing the limits of the boundaries; running into walls, trying to navigate over, under or through. Sometimes I found self on the other side, then the next day I would be back. I stated in an earlier post that once you incorporate experiences it changes your conscious environment, your perceptions and your frame of reference. You can’t experience something without it changing you.

I found a way through that barrier. I guess I finally realized that there is no physical electronic fence that keeps me here. Those that act as antagonists do so because I allow then to. I have the ability to tear down all barriers, simply by changing how I respond to them.

“If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this thing that disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it…”

I’m on the fence. The fence is crackling with electrical energy. I feel the sensation of that energy upon my skin. I am accustomed to this sensation. What once was a barrier has now become a way point and soon to become a point of departure.

I sit on the fence looking out towards future destinations. My bags are packed and I am comfortable waiting for whatever may come my way. Comfortable in the flow.

Those outer limits never really existed. That’s the game that is being played. Now it is time to put all that I have said to the test, comfortable knowing that we are all just tourists, passing through time and space within this grand dream.

Last night I saw a butterfly in my dream, prominent point of focus. Beautiful orange and black wings flying among the trees.

There is no spoon…

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