Journal: Shaman

If there was one thing that fascinated me for most of my life, it would have to be magic. Not necessarily the art of magic, mostly the seemingly magical and mysterious aspects of life. Usually, that which we do not understand we often call magic or acts of God. That’s also unfortunately true about how we view ourselves in the framework of consciousness.

Scientists sometimes refer to the unexplained as spooky actions at a distance. Or possibly, erroneous interpretations of normal daily experiences. It is easier when all we know fits into understandable blocks of information. I have always gravitated toward the bits that do not fit. Breadcrumbs left by those that came before me falling through the cracks of this reality.

I used to sit between two mirrors and meditate. Staring into the background of infinite reflections hoping to see something that did not belong. I wanted to become a Shaman, but not in the traditional sense. I want to master consciousness, to become lucid in this shared dream.

Science focuses upon the physical realm of this reality. Their institution depends upon the fortification and expansion of scientific information. Their history began as an experiment to challenge and understand the material properties expanding our conscious understanding. But I wonder (consider) that observation is the fundamental conscious transaction upon which expansion thrives. The smallest particle will never be found nor the limits of this universe will ever be breached. Hidden within the infinite consciousness is simultaneous creation and perception.

I want to transcend this physical simulation. I use the same method of science, observation. Observation stimulates thoughts that guides your point of focus and consciousness expands in kind, in time.

Abraham us right. As much as I have tried to deny it. That singular law to which consciousness abides does not waver to provide that which you hold with your attention. I have waited for that door to open and now I find that there was no door. I was and will always be exactly where I need to be.

I am that concept of what a Shaman is for now. I have cultivated relationships with the spirit world and consciousness itself. I recognise my place in that otherworldly existence as well as this one. Much like looking for that door those relationships were probably already there, I just needed to realize it again.

Thank you once again my dear friends…

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