Journal: Blacklisted

I was unable to access this site from public wifi at an American military facility’s waiting room. Reason given is that the site is blacklisted.

This is kind of interesting since Google provides blacklisted data to ISPs and this is a google blog. So I suspect that this might be limited

I’ll see what I can do to correct this. I am well aware that my material concerning ascension was being watched by other nefarious organizations, but not at the level of the military and federal agencies.

I was content with the level of dissemination from this blog. Let’s see what happens when I take it to another level…

Update: Apparently this blog is possibly an adult site or purveyor of pornography. This might not have been as nefarious as I suspected. Still need to step up my dissemination of this info.

This reality is such a kick in the ass.

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