Journal: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

rowboat.jpgI have mentioned that I surf waves of consciousness. I am getting better at this, now. I remember surfing in Hawaii, the old guys would arrive at the break and I would notice that everyone was watching them. The old guys could anticipate the sets well before anyone else. They would move into position and everyone would follow.

One time the old guys took off heading off to the side where the water was deeper. Worried that I was missing something, I looked around and couldn’t see anything and stayed put. I looked back toward the beach and then to the ocean and saw what they were avoiding. I did not have enough time to get to deeper water between the breaks. A set of three 15 foot waves worked me to near exhaustion. I learned that the best thing to do at that time was to ride it out, don’t fight it. The old guys were tapped into the flow of the ocean and probably much more. I see why they had the respect of the other surfers.

Consciousness is very much like an ocean. There are waves, currents, and streams flowing back to the source. Most of us spend a lifetime going against this force, going against the flow of consciousness and end up getting worked, pounded and lost.

I spent a good part of my life looking for someone to teach me about life and show me how to navigate and avoid rough waters. I have come to realize that the teachers are all around me. They always have been and always will be.

The greatest and most important teacher is life itself. Consciousness is an ever expanding dream we call life. But, as with everything, you need experience in order to interpret and navigate this ever changing conscious environment.

My dreams have taught me the true nature of my conscious environment. Many of my unconscious dreams take place on or near a beach of an endless body of water (on the shores of consciousness)

Within the vast expanse of consciousness and the infinite waves of possibilities it is easy to get distracted. There are bread crumbs to help you find your way back on point. Seemingly silly songs become beacons of truth and usher in waves of contentment. When I get off track I remember this song:

Row, row, row your boat (do the work), gently (be attentive and respectful) down the stream (go with the flow of consciousness), merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily (be joyful and content), life is but a dream (remember life’s true nature).

And just one more thing, don’t be afraid to get wet.

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