Journal: Monday

Today is Monday. I live a simple life without fear and with content expectations of what is to come.

I am still being watched by an organized group of people for reasons I do not fully understand. The people with higher energy levels I rarely see and that is possibly due to the surveillance mentioned above. Those that watch me have descended into the murky waters of my conscious background feeding upon the bottom where they belong content in their reality.

I still do not understand what they have to fear. Aside from my vengeful momentary thoughts for those that have aided in my own destruction, I now spend very little time in that state of mind. It is no longer my concern (nor should it be) the fate of those that willingly participate in abominable acts, for it is those acts that will define their experiences within the confines of consciousness. Where it was once a delight to bear witness to karmic retribution, I have lost interest. It is difficult to be concerned with the consequences of others when focused upon the manifestation of the now.

What has occurred in the past was manifested by thoughts and actions of a confused and benighted stated of mind. It is not necessary to remember the past when you follow that knowing within.

So, again, it is Monday. Another day within a cycle of time that no longer seems like any other day of the same name. It is quite a gift when the veil of sameness no longer obscures the expansion of consciousness.

Thank you…

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