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I mentioned in an earlier post that a new home security company has taken over the security at my current residence. I was not involved with the transaction. The company is named Security Networks and is based out of Florida. The company has a poor reputation and is somewhat of a predator. Their sales people comb the neighborhoods looking for ADT signs and then use pressure sales techniques and fear mongering to persuade the homeowner to sign up with their company. The salesperson sweetened the deal with security system accessories that were overpriced. One item was marked up 200%. The kicker is that the homeowner signed up for 60 months (5 years) and the contract renews automatically for another 5 years until it is canceled.

The new system that was installed is a cellular system. The system does no require a landline (hardline telco twisted pair). In the event of an alarm the system will contact the service provider via the cellular network. Since it was installed I did not notice any adverse symptoms from any of the components. Yesterday I did begin to feel a little strange (after the three day cancelation period ended). I started to have problems thinking when I was near the device. The light headed feeling was something that I experienced before. It took me some times to figure it out, but I remembered what had caused this before.

While I was in Hawaii I used a cellular internet provider that used a modem you could take anywhere. The company, I believe, is now called Clear. When I installed the modem at home I started to feel similar to what I am currently feeling, difficulty thinking, lightheaded, central nervous system stimulation (agitation). I had signed a contract for a year and kept the service for a year and the switched to Hawaiiantel’s DSL. The week after canceling the cellular internet service I felt better and most of the symptoms subsided (prior to my life’s deterioration when the Nameless started attacking me).

Light Headed and Negative

Last night and for most of the day I have been fighting off negative thoughts. I have been feeling sad and despondent. I know that these feeling can creek up now and again, but this time they were persistent. The general feeling of despair continues to grow while I am at home. My mind is awash with these feelings, but when I am away from the security cellular modem I have a more positive state of mind.

The device pictured above is GSM cellular transceiver. More powerful than the cell phone used by consumers because it is considered a home appliance by the F.C.C. The interesting thing is that the signal strength varies during the day and at the time of posting this entry it is fairly high.

Are the Nameless behind this (the first salesperson I chased away had the characteristics of one of them), they are suspect. I cannot be sure at this time, but one thing I am sure of is the cellular device is detrimental to my health and wellbeing. I am sensitive to EM fields. I can find most commercial wireless routers in a building with my eyes closed. I can feel the change in clarity of my mind as if I just drank a glass of wine or beer.

What is particularly menacing is the change in attitude. I am constantly monitoring my thoughts (a habit gained from meditation). When my thoughts become negative I seek a reason or source for the negative thoughts. Past posts have noted how I have been overcome with negative emotions and once I recognize them for what they are I am able to dismiss them. I can recognize negative thoughts of a certain type as coming from and external source. The Nameless have an ability to influence the minds of others, I have experienced this first hand while talking to some of them. I had that feeling of “why did I agree to that” after the conversation or meeting ended (a significant experience was while I was talking to some union reps while working for the state of Hawaii – all state employees must join one of two unions).

Technology’s Negativity

Technology can be a godsend, but it also poses risks. Our wireless networks grant us access to communication and internet, but they do pose risks to the electrical system of the body (human biology is electrical) and mind (central nervous system). Exposure to this technology may not cause illness, but can disrupt the conscious subconscious connection, disrupt dreaming, disrupt brainwave patterns or sustain a particular brainwave pattern. If the cellular device is sustaining a heightened state of alert as when a person is confronted with a fight or flight situation it can alter the body’s chemistry (cortisol, norepinephrine)¬†and cause anxiety, paranoia, depression and hypertension. Depression and hypertension are at epidemic proportions in large cities (Los Angeles, New York) with large and often redundant cell networks providing phone service. Sadly we are being conditioned to accept these symptoms as being common and normal health conditions.

It is interesting that I find contentment in natural places where cell phone towers are absent. No bars, no carrier on the cell phone is an indication of a cell free area. I can refresh my connection with the greater consciousness spending time in natural rural areas. At this time I feel disconnected from the whole of consciousness. For someone that has spent a lot of time cultivating a connection with the whole of consciousness, it feels like being isolated from a source of love and contentment.

How will my current dilemma be remedied? Turning the security system off when at home. Since I am unable to remove the device I will need to relocate and/or shield the device. I will post my final solution here.

We should all limit the exposure to the cellular microwave spectrum in our homes. Turn off your 900 MHz wireless DSL modems, routers and cellular hotspots when not in use. Use the hardline. Wireless networks are not even close to the speed of copper. Wireless saturation of your living space could be similar to the lead pipes the Romans used to provide water in their homes. The wireless luxury could be our end.

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