Ed Snowden

Ed Snowden was interviewed in Hong Kong concerning his whistle blowing about the NSA’s unfettered and unwarranted wire tapping of American citizens. What does this have to do with this blog? I always thought that I was being watched, even prior to my trip through the void. After my experience I had discovered that I was not mistaken, never truly realizing just how far they would go. My whole experience in Hawaii with the Nameless had a feeling of disciplined behavior (timing and aggression) from some kind of military training.

I am a kind of whistle blower. Unlike Snowden, that has a lot more exposure in a more tangible endeavor, I am relegated to this blog. Most people have labeled me insane and written me off as a paranoid schizophrenic, but I am happy to say that I am not quite there, not today.

The movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson comes to mind. I have been drugged, my apartment has been broken into (they had a key), my computer hacked (Spiritual Networks account has been logged into recently – they sent me an email asking me to log in and two days later I received an email thanking me for logging in, even though I had not logged in in weeks), I have been under constant surveillance, as well as being subjected to an overdose of electromagnetic radiation. I have lost and given up everything. Not because I wanted to, but because I had no other choice. It is true that I could just play along and be quiet, but the greater consciousness would not allow me to do so.

Snowden in Paradise

In the interview he stated that he worked in Hawaii. That was a significant comment. Hawaii is more of an American military outpost in the Pacific Ocean. At the time of my battle with those I call the Nameless in Hawaii, I endured a lot of radiation from weapons that I had seen on documentaries concerning new weapons the military was developing. The microwave weapon that heats the skin of the target from a distance (I was able to defend against that onslaught with a foil covered piece of cardboard). A connection with the military industrial complex (CIA, NSA – intelligence; Army, Navy, Air Force – enforcement) and the Nameless is starting to become more evident. I thought there might be some minor connection, but there is too much jumping out at me for me to ignore the role of the Nameless in the military and intelligence agencies. I have encountered a number of the Nameless at Moffet Field and at Travis AFB, so it makes sense that the intelligence agencies would be infiltrated also. The Hawaiian island of Maui was infested with the Nameless, it becomes difficult to imagine that they are not more intimately related now.

I am pleased that Ed Snowden has risked so much to come forward like this. He is far more courageous man than I. I still hide behind a pseudonym and the perceived anonymity of the internet. He has become one of my heroes and deserves to hold that moniker on a very short list of people.

What gives me little comfort (meant in a positive manner) is that I see the beginning of the end of this covert and oppressive era. I see the unraveling of many years of preparation. I see those that have gotten away with crimes against individuals and humanity being exposed. It has always been my desire to direct my personal realm of consciousness to shine the light upon everything that causes unnecessary and intentional suffering (even before I awakened to my current state of mind). I believe that if I continue this intention I can infect the whole of consciousness or at least I will move into a realm where this is the norm. I hope that you will join me in directing consciousness to expose and root out those that cause so much harm and despair.

What gives me greater comfort is the knowing and understanding that the pendulum of consciousness has started to swing in another direction (envision a pendulum that is not limited to a 90 degree arc on a fixed path, but able to swing in any direction). We have reached a time where the force of so much malevolence can no longer be sustained. It is my desire that the force of such malevolence will now be directed back at those that have created it (Karmic retribution). We need to aid the momentum to ensure that consciousness makes examples of those that are responsible for our current tragic human condition. We want more people like Ed Snowden to stand up and effect change in our tangible reality and the spiritual conscious realm.

Everyone needs to become a witness of consciousness and for consciousness. In doing so you create light in the darkness where malevolence festers. You will attract benevolent people and beings into your personal conscious realm and grow in numbers. Together we will leave this era of immaturity and selflessness behind.

NOTE: Concerning technology… My family has recently upgraded to a more sophisticated home security system not wired to a landline. The system was monitored by ADT but is now monitored by http://www.securitynetworks.com. The home security can now be accessed (exposed) via the internet. The home user and anyone else smart enough to gain access to the home’s portal can turn the alarm off, view connected CCTV, unlock doors, turn light and appliances on and off (if optional security modules are used).

The salespeople have been persistent in targeting this house shortly after my arrival I was successful in influencing the decision not to upgrade until recently. The first salesperson was an arrogant ass that had many of the personality flaws of the Nameless. The most recent salesperson arrived while I was away. Since the upgrade some more interesting anomalies have already begun to present themselves with this new system – more on that later.

Here is a video of Shia LaBeouf talking about a conversation with an FBI consultant while preparing for a movie on a late night talk show. Shia mentions the FBI using the ADT security to listen in on conversations in the home (with the aforementioned upgrade they can now do more). This was posted back in 2008, take it for what it’s worth (it’s Hollywood).

What If?

There have been very few genuine and significant spiritual awakenings. Why is that the case? Is there some concerted effort by a large and powerful organization to suppress the conscious evolution of humankind in order to sustain the current human paradigm? What if I am right. Just suspend disbelief and consider that I am right. You really do not have to do anything. Just hold on to the intention that consciousness (God or whatever you believe) will do unto those that have caused intentional harm to others. Don’t hold that intention with fear, hold it with a knowing that it is the only direction that is possible.

I seem to be entering the realm of government conspiracy. It is not my intention…

UPDATE: 06.11.13 03:35
A thought just occurred to me that I could not wait to add. Ed Snowden caught the NSA completely off guard with his whistleblowing. Either Ed is smarter than the Q Group that is responsible for policing the NSA or Ed is one of those I refer to as the Nameless (he has one characteristic all ascended beings posess, uncanny intelligence – since he never graduated high school or attended college).

Did Ed get away with it because they never suspected he could do such a thing? Loyalty amoung the Nameless has to be very strong in order for them to survive and gain power. Anyone breaking ranks with the organization poses a tremendous risk. What else is he willing to talk about? If he is one of the Nameless, does he know he is? This would be a grand event if some within Nameless started to obtain a conscience about the group’s endeavors and defect.

Are those I refer to as The Others former members of the Nameless and now help people like myself?

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