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12.24.11 – When I first moved to Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, I encountered some native Hawaiians that mistook me for one of the Nameless. I was on my bicycle waiting for the light to change when a car with three Samoan occupants took a pulled up next to me and looked at me as though I was not supposed to be there. I did not react the way the expected and they sat in their car and watched me as I rode away. I did not realize what had happened until after the attacks some two years later. Every once in a while I would be riding along the beach and would encounter a group of young Samoan guys. One of them would point me out and start to move out of the way. When he indicated to another that I was coming one guy said “I don’t care who he is”. I would pass them without incident, but there was still some indication that they thought I was someone, or something, I was not. Looking back at much of what happened in Hawaii, it is clear to me that there are other people like myself that are aware of the Nameless and are resisting them in one way or another. I have been mistaken for one of them many times in the past and still do to this day when I enter a new area.
    The greatest concentration of the Nameless seem to be in certain specific locations. I have seen a good deal of the Nameless on the island of Maui. They look very similar to the people I initially encountered when the attacks began earlier this year. There is something different about them and when I was on Maui it was clear that they may have made up the majority of the people I saw. It makes sense since the Nameless are mostly upper middle class income and above and the island of Maui is an island mostly inhabited by wealthy people. I guess some of them flew into Honolulu from Maui to take care of me. 
    I cannot say that the Nameless all look alike. They do not. Most of my encounters are with people of European and Asian (Chinese, Japanese). I have seen people that I would call lower level minions that come from different types of income, backgrounds and ethnicities, I assume that they are of mixed ehtnicity. The people with high levels of energy or auras are mostly attractive in some way, but there are also some that are extreme looking. I was walking through Nordstrom in the Ala Moana shopping mall in Honolulu and I saw an extreme looking man in the distance. He was talking to a rather attractive sales lady. The area of the store they were in was empty. I could only see the sales lady and what I can only describe as a male with dark skin large body and a large head. He had exaggerated features almost as if they were abnormal. I was struggling with the way he looked. He was, to put it mildly, pretty ugly in an extremely intriguing manner. I began to walk in their direction, but as I approached I felt an urge to leave the store. I suspect that my mind was having difficulty interpreting what I was seeing and feeling. I may have been unable to see him for what he was and so my mind created this image of him from what images I have stored in my mind. Kind of like how people in a dream are created from parts of things you have seen during your waking experiences. 
    I had a similar experience at the Great Mall in Milpitas California. I entered a bakery in the mall and I immediately felt the aura of person or being with a high level of energy. I wanted to leave, but the person I was with wanted to buy some things and so I stayed and watched them from a distance. The person was seated at the table with some other people. They looked normal. They fit in. One of them was watching everyone as they went about their business. Two of people were watching me as I watched them we all felt each others presence. It is an uncomfortable feeling for me. It is the same feeling I had when I met the wife of my distant cousin. I left the bakery without incident. I now realize that they have an ability to make people feel that way. Some kind of aura that keeps people away from them or me away from them. I now realize why they have been keeping tabs on me. When they know where I am or where I am going they can keep the higher level people out of sight. When I identify one of them that seems to create some kind of problem, I am not sure what that problem is yet. Possibly if I see them they become a part of my consciousness and whatever I see I suppose those that are aiding me can see them also (pure speculation at this point).
    I encounter the Nameless everywhere in California. The places of high concentrations are mostly in affluent areas, but they are not always in those areas. But, they do seem to segregate themselves from what I call regular or normal people. They form communities within the general population and they take care of each other. An interesting thing I have noticed is that a lot of the Nameless are associated with private educational institutions, mostly Catholic. Mitty High School in Cupertino California, USF, Pepperdine, Santa Clara University. Both the students and faculty are the Nameless. I did encounter some faculty members at San Jose State University that I would consider part of the Nameless, but not many of the students. At the time of my awakening (trek through the void), some of my instructors were covertly letting me know that they knew what I had accomplished and some students were trying too hard to become my friend.
    Locations in California that I have seen high concentrations of the Nameless are in Milpitas, Fremont, San Francisco, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Los Angeles (mostly wealthier areas of Los Angeles), Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz, Pacific Palisades. I have recently encountered them in Santana Row at the Valley Fair shopping mall after making a snap decision to drive through it. Stanford shopping Mall and The Great Mall in Milpitas are also active with the Nameless and their minions. While I lived in Los Angeles and went to Rodeo Drive I did not see as many Nameless when I would walk through on a weekend. The same goes for Melrose shopping area in L.A. I have also encounter the Nameless in the sleepy little towns along the coast of California. Those small out of the way towns seem to be a good place to live undetected. The highest concentration of the Nameless I have ever encountered was in Calabasas California. When I visited the markets, there were a few times where they tried to intimidate me to the point where they followed me to my home. Three of them stood outside their car and stared in the direction of my house. Calabasas may very well be a stronghold for the Nameless with high levels of energy.
    The most startling thing I discovered was a vocation with a very high concentration of the Nameless. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff are positions the Nameless people seem to have an affinity for. The many times I have accompanied family members to hospitals, I encountered many of the Nameless that make up nearly 80 percent of the staff. The discovery was startling because, if you want to control a population or keep people from self realization, then you can do so through the medical field. My experiences with electromagnetic radiation that the Nameless used on me the last several months was able to lower my energy (the vibrational energy that effects health and wellbeing). I left Hawaii 30 pounds lighter than when I arrived. Most of the weight I lost was during the last 40-50 days in Hawaii. This was mostly due to the E.M. fields that they were subjecting me to on a daily basis. Normally I would have went to the hospital for some tests, but I did not because I knew what was going on. If they used the E.M. field on someone else and they went to a hospital for tests there would be plenty of Nameless physicians and medical staff to complete whatever they are trying to accomplish. I speculate that this may have happened to Steve Jobs. Now that I know more about Steve than I knew in the past (specifically his use of LSD), his behavior is similar to mine, in that he was suspicious of the people around him. He may not have had a similar awakening, but I believe he may have been able to sense these people I call the Nameless. Is this the way they take care of people that refuse to comply with this conscious reality? Subject them to E.M. fields in order to mimic a symptom then induce the illness when they go in for testing and diagnosis? Who would be able to refute this when all the physician are from the same organization?
    They are in about every profession and career. They are in law enforcement, politics and other government agencies. They are in the military, positions within technology, construction workers, sales people, stock brokers, insurance sales people, professional athletes, actors and musicians (isn’t that right J.V.). It is amazing to see how they have been able to saturate this level of consciousness. Their ability to hear the thoughts of others is an advantage they have used in creative ways. When I encountered these people long ago and they were able to know what I was thinking at the time I did not even consider that they were able to hear my thoughts. I would have a negative judgement about the person and I could watch their disposition change. I never knew how that happened, I thought it was just me. Now I know and I use it against them and watch a completely different reaction on their part. Yeah, I know what you are…
    I know that I am struggling with consciousness. I am discovering that I am shifting through various levels or dimensions. At first I was unaware of what I was doing. My experiences are teaching me new things about abilities I have gained or they are showing me new possibilities that are emerging in this new era for us all. My first indication that I was unknowingly shifting through other levels of consciousness happened some time after my experience through the void. I met a popular street magician at a coffee shop in San Jose. After I introduced myself, he asked me how I knew who he was. I stated that I saw him on television. He looked puzzled. It was as if he could not understand how I could have seen his television appearance. I thought nothing of it at the time and I said that I was a big fan and then said goodbye. I walked away from the table and went back to my friends and told them who he was. My friends did not know who I was talking about. I thought it was funny that they never heard of him. The magician later came up to me and a group of my friends and began to perform some card tricks. One of his friends was recording the impromptu magic show, the camera periodically focussing on me. The Nameless have a way with using cameras to record the images of people like myself. That was one of many pictures that were snapped of me since my exit from the void. During the card tricks, I could see that his friends were paying too much attention to me. I starting to understand what is happening to some degree. The lines between consciousness, dimensions (string theory) and alternate universes is being blurred. I am able to manipulate time and space on a very small scale. As my consciousness expands so does my understanding of what I am experiencing. Is this what the Nameless have been trying to keep me from discovering?
    I am in the process of purging the Nameless from my consciousness. I view them as invading bacteria that have made a home in my body and are now being eradicated by my immune system. The light of my awareness and ever expanding consciousness is harmful to the Nameless parasites. They no longer can feed upon my fear. I see them around me when I go about my life and they still try and attack, but I am aware of what they are doing and that awareness gives me greater immunity…
    I have not used any psychedelic substances, mainly THC and CBDs, since my short term use in Hawaii. I know that marijuana was able to enhance some of the things I have been experiencing. I was able to tap into levels of consciousness that were the same as the Nameless, literally opening doors into other realities or pulling the veil from my eyes. That’s when the Nameless stepped up their need to stop me. I can now understand why marijuana (cannabis) is outlawed all almost everywhere in the world. It is the one substance that may allow everyone to see things as they really are. I may also be interfering with the ability of the Nameless to influence others. That’s something I believe the Nameless are attempting to prevent…
    A little bit more about me: I am an avid cyclist. You can find me riding up Mt. Hamilton road to the Lick Observatory at least once a week. I have smiled at some of you that have realized who/what I am. I have sensed you as you have sensed me. Forgive me for not starting up a conversation, but I have to be careful of who I invite into my conscious realm. I see you. I am grateful that I am able to connect with you for that short period of time. Now that things are changing, and I am better able to discern friend from foe, I will be able to connect with you.
    I am trying to get a lot of subjects on the blog. I have been noticing that the Nameless are attempting to continue their E.M. radiation on me as I continue to evolve. Since my arrival to my new home the effects have diminished as my health increases. I find that they turn up the intensity when I feel the best. When I am joyful they are very persistent. I have noticed this in the past. They do not want me to have continuous feeling of wellbeing. Fear and depression is what they require to keep me under control. When I am joyful, I can make better sense of all of this, I can push past this level and expand into the next. The internet may be the place were all levels of consciousness can come together and share their journey.

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