Journal: Deeper State

If someone has ever said to you that ”everything you know is wrong” they could not have been more right…

But, it’s not like anything you could possibly have imagined. It is deep. It is infinite and probably a lot more difficult to navigate than our current mundane existence (ignorance and bliss).

I hear the term ”deep state”, in the news. It refers to an unseen powerful organization pulling the strings in American politics and policy. I am now getting a glimpse of something of a greater influence. Something unseen and possibly even obscene to some. A very different level of consciousness.

I’m going to refer to this other level of consciousness as the ”deeper state”. It is what you begin to see as you allow your conscious self to expand. You see a deeper state of mind, a deeper state of consciousness.

As I continue, I can begin to understand how the mind and consciousness are intertwined.


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