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Now how about that. There is a term for what I have been experiencing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Herr A from Germany. A special thanks to Carissa Conti for her site and insight into this phenomena.

Now I know how to handle this. You cannot imagine what a relief this is for me. To know that there are many others that are dealing with this sort of thing. This actually gives me purpose. I now know I can beat this. I now know I can beat them. Let the games resume you poor pathetic little parasites. Like I told you last night, I will find you…


What the fuck do they believe they are doing. I am both angered and elated. Whatever is controlling this is feeding off of our fears. Lately I have been in control of my fears and the Nameless have had difficulty controlling me. If you feel no fear and essentially ignore them as well as show them courtesy and send them love they will have a look of defeat upon their face.

I just subscribed to the subreddit /r/Targetedindividuals now seven readers strong (LOL). Here are some other links to this phenom:

Just a few from a long list of sites.

What About The Rest?

I have had some other experiences that cannot be explained by Gang Stalking. The Nameless or ascended beings and their abilities to read the minds of others as well as the ability to cause a heart attacks as with, my assumption of, Rosie O’Donnel’s close encounter with one of the Nameless (Also my theory that Steve Jobs was also a victim of the Nameless and their stalkers – Steve was standing in the way of the NSA PRISM program). And of course the Nameless hiding their faces from me, as well as leaving an area I enter. It seems that I have something they fear in me. And what about the etheric energy device I use to replenish the life force they sap from me on a daily basis. We’ll figure all of this out in time.

I am a witness of consciousness. I asked for help and assistance and consciousness delivered. I cannot convey in words how I feel and the appreciation of those that have helped me since it all began in 2011.

3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking

  1. Mind control? Yes, that is for sure. Gang stalking and a targeted individual? Yes that is also true. I visited the link you provided and find it interesting, because I have recently found an interesting method to short circuit the technology used and described in the link. I should have a new post sometime today.

    I force myself to ignore the perpetrators and go about creating my life through my intentions. It is interesting how the perps fade into the background of my life when I am consistent and diligent.

    When this all began with those I call the Nameless, I encountered a large number of them at a local theater production. They were in the audience as well as the actors on stage. I have found that there are a lot of them in the movie industry as well (agents of deception), located in Calabasas, CA. It makes sense since most of them are acting or playing some kind of character or trying to blend in. Still too many questions and not enough answers…

    Thank you for your reply.


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