Journal: The Watchmen

Woke up before sunrise feeling content. There was a bit of restlessness urging me to get up to begin another segment of this experience.

Much of the life around me was in disarray, but I did not let it influence me. My new found perceptions are being allowed to carve out better possibilities that weren’t visible in the past.

As I had mentioned before that I am seeing people in my unconscious dreams (men) standing by watching me, this has become somewhat of a standard. I do not look for them, they just seem to appear, in the periphery of my visual field. I usually do not think about it while dreaming, but remember the oddity after regaining consciousness.

I can usually tell when there is a shift in my conscious level and today was a day where the watchmen have been doing double duty. It is a bit strange and I sometimes wonder if anyone else can see them. Doesn’t matter really, just another oddity in my ever expanding conscious experience. I must be doing something to attract their attention, but I do not know if it is something I am doing in my unconscious dreams or this conscious shared dream.

Progress? I’m still here… In the past I was always trying to go elsewhere, now  I am beginning to realize there is more happening right here and now than I could have ever imagined or thought possible. I can do anything from here, regardless of where here is.

When you begin to awaken to that thing called the ‘now’ it’s empowering on many levels. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

New paradigm: Lucid day dreams.

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