Journal: Wake up…

I was thinking about the time when I had a dream within a dream. I remember having an odd dream and because it was on the edge of being really bizarre I forced myself to wake up.

I remember sitting on my bed and thinking how strange the dream, I just had, was and that I was glad to be awake. I looked around my room and felt that something wasn’t right. Then a anxious feeling came over me and I realized that I was still dreaming. After some strenuous effort I woke up again.

That’s how I can sum up my current feeling. Something is not right although everything and everyone is the same as it ever was.

It’s the transition. I do it everyday. Moving from an unconscious state to a conscious one each time I wake. The dream still active in my thoughts. The characters still present in the conversation or the project. I am lost between two dreams.
Most of the time, during my conscious waking state, I try to force myself to wake up. What was once an act of futility, I now actually feel it will happen.

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