About Time, Again

After the post Without Time, I spent a lot of time thinking about time and a seemingly abrupt transition, or shift, in my current paradigm concerning time. The shift started while thinking about artificial and natural systems and then abruptly changed after a comment from a reader. Since they are related it might be prudent to include it here.


Systems are important because they can provide order. In order to get something done it usually requires some kind of system to accomplish the task. Systems can also work together to create a complex hierarchy much like what we call The Internet and or Capitalism.

There are two kinds of systems in particular that I will focus upon and they are natural systems and artificial systems. To be brief, I describe artificial systems as human made and a natural system is one that is not dependent upon the presence or participation of humankind. An example of an artificial system would be social or cultural, as well as finance, politics, religion, etc. A natural system would be one where humanity did not have a role in the creation of the system much like our solar system, as well as natural systems found in plant and animal kingdoms on planet earth (as we now understand them). An artificial system can collapse without affecting the entire environment as a whole, while the collapse of a natural system could cause an extinction level event much like we now face concerning climate change. I use climate change specifically because I wanted to show how artificial systems and natural systems are connected, as our behavior in one system has an effect upon the other.


Our solar system provides one thing in particular that provides us with a rather rigid concept of consciousness, and that thing is time. This physical reality is part of an instrument of time. The planet rotates on its axis in a period of 24 hours (providing a period of darkness and light called a day) and orbits a star in 365.25 days providing us a period of a year. I once thought that time was an artificial system. But, if I follow my now evolving description of time, as we currently understand it (seconds, days, years), would continue without us.

Time is a natural system. Humankind developed a system of measuring time that confines the physical processes that we witness everyday in our conscious physical reality. The problem with this is that we have become too reliant upon the clockwork of our solar system. We have forgotten that there exists an aspect of consciousness that is without time. I have found that there are two distinct aspects of consciousness. One relates to the physical realm that we experience when we are awake (conscious), the other relates to the nonphysical realm when we are asleep, incapacitated, or dead (unconscious).

Our conscious experiences are dependent upon time, but not in the way we have become accustomed to regarding day-to-day activities. We rely upon time to provide order. Time is that which enables us to exist in this constantly evolving conscious reality and without it there would be chaos regarding our time dependent psychological process that define our reality.

Currently we perceive time as linear. We know this because we are unable to experience the future in the same way as we experience the now; this precious present moment. I accept that time is linear. I feel that the only thing that exists in this conscious physical reality is the now simply because the past exists in memory and the future does not yet exist. But, if time is rigidly linear then how can I get a glimpse of the future? How does my intuition warn me of coming events? In an environment of linear time the future does not, and can not exist, because of its dependency upon the correct time to exist. So how does this happen?


The unconscious is the realm of non linear time. The unconscious may even be void of time. The only reason time may exist in the unconscious is because we carry it into the unconscious from our time based physical conscious reality. We know that the unconscious dream is void of time because our concept of time is skewed during sleep. Psychedelic drugs that enhance the unconscious while still being conscious will disrupt how we perceive time while under the influence of the drug. Jumping from one location in a dream to another, as well as reliving past and experiencing future events, are acts that are only capable if time did not exist.

My relationship with the unconscious is evolving. This evolution has diminished the gap between my conscious reality and my unconscious dream world. Prescience originates from the timeless unconscious. Subtle reminders of the intuitive mind are sourced from the unconscious. My means of extracting, or remembering, coming events is the process of existing between the two states of consciousness. This is what happens during meditation. Meditation is the act to which the active conscious mind is quieted enough to begin to perceive the unconscious. As I have stated in past posts, meditation is not something I do, it is something that comes over me. This has been increasing recently because the tools used by my adversaries no longer interfere with my brain wave states in the same way. I dream, I remember my dreams and the dreamer remembers my current conscious frame of mind. And, as this continues to evolve my conscious reality changes. Like climate change may be a result of one system influencing the other indirectly, the conscious and unconscious realities can affect one another indirectly in the beginning.

I seem to have been living half a life when I disregarded my unconscious experiences. In working to counter those negative energies and entities, I have opened a door to ways that I have long forgotten. I say this because it no longer feels new, it now feels to familiar to be new. In the past primitive humans that were able to prepare for the seasonal changes by utilizing the positions of the sun and moon survived. Those that were able to utilize the timeless nature of the unconscious within the construct of our conscious reality dominated, then and now. Some of them, I believe, are actively delaying my ascension.


Memories are snapshots of time. What would we call a recollection that is void of time? I remember that I lost the concept of time, and seemingly everything else, during my trip through the void when I had lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness I struggled to think and even form words. But, perhaps through regaining my time dependent conscious reality I remembered who I once was. And now, I am struggling with memories that I am unable to validate in any meaningful way. I cannot be sure whether some memories were formed in the conscious or unconscious. I even experience levels of consciousness that I have difficulty understanding because of how I now remember them.

Why is it so difficult to remember the experiences I have when I am unconscious? Why do I not remember my conscious experiences when I am unconscious? I am willing to say at this time that we do not remember because we don’t practice remembering. We have no training from our parents or from our educational systems. Memory is the true sign of intelligence. What wealth of information would we have if we could memorize all our unconscious experiences?


Existing in two dissimilar realities is a very unique experience. Just what was it that I came here to learn? What am I witnessing? Am I seeing what is to come? Convergence of conscious and unconscious realities or just how it has always been and forever will be?

I will continue to explore linear time within the multi-leveled conscious physical realm. It makes sense that linear time would be necessary to stitch together experiences on similar levels and, if possible, even travel within time. I see how linear time helps with how consciousness flows through this conscious reality but, what role does the unconscious play in all of this? If we are able to reside between the two known realms of consciousness then will we be able to see what is to come? I’m not sure how to feel about knowing the future. Most of my premonitions were presented to me without a time to which they would occur. I always remember the dream after witnessing the conscious event, which now calls into question the source and time of my recollection? Sometimes in order to evolve you must be willing to forget what you now know. How do I forget what I currently know about time?

One more question: Of the two conscious and unconscious realms, which one is the artificial system?


One Time…

I was riding my bicycle on a mountain road on a beautiful morning shortly before this post. I was in awe of the beauty of this dream as my reality. I was hit by a thought from my past just after I passed through the void that I had written about in my book. I remembered that I referred to the people I saw looking at me, as if I was an exhibit at a museum, as time traveling tourists. “That’s it!” I said. It suddenly became apparent that Nonlocality was the answer to how it was possible.

I struggled with the concept of time travel for a long time. I even concluded that time travel was not possible. I believed that I was correct. In a physical or materialist worldview time travel is impossible. To go back in time the traveler would need to calculate where the earth was at a specific point in time. Where was the earth on August 15 2001? Where was the solar system? Where was the galaxy or this region of the universe for that matter? Nonlocality or idealism renders those questions mute. One point that past, present and future exist simultaneously within consciousness. I never truly understood what was meant by enlightened people when they said that everything is one. Now I think I can begin to conceive of what that actually means.

When I dream, while sleeping, I can move from one place to another in a blink of an eye. One morning I went from being stuck to the back of a SUV in China to my backyard as the dream changed locations. I spent hours talking with people I knew working, laughing and playing watching the locations and people morph and change before my mind’s eye. My childhood memories come alive and then I see myself as I am, as well as, versions of what I could become played out before me in a matter of, what seem like, seconds or hours.

When I am awake, dreaming this reality, there are the mundane aspects of this linear reality that occupies the majority of my attention. But, I can begin to understand my past experiences that have been so puzzling to me. How did those time traveling tourist know I where I was going to be? How did some of my antagonists know what I had said at one time in my life or were aware of my personal secrets? What was once a mystery can be solved by the nonlocality of idealism. The illusion of past, present and future governed by the construct of our linear perception of time has confined and confounded me. Those that are capable of mastering consciousness move through this dreamworld without the constraints of time and space. How much of my life have they seen or influenced? Do I struggle because of their influence or because I ignore what my subconscious is trying to tell me?

What If…

Let’s take a different perspective on this shared reality and view your life as a dream. Take a look at everything in this reality as if it were only existing in your mind. This may b difficult to do, but considering what we do know about the mind and how it processes information it is not too far from the truth. When you sit in a room the only thing that exists is the room and whatever else you can sense. When you watch television the program only exists for you. Everything that happens during the program is there for you and because of you. You set off to go to work or to buy groceries. The notion you set in play causes consciousness to manifest the environment in order for you to facilitate the task you want to accomplish. No matter what you do consciousness is there manifesting everything within your immediate environment. No matter where you focus your visual sensors the mind communicates that sense data to consciousness and the dream coalesces before you.

When you dream while resting the dream serves you and the interplay of the conscious mind with the subconscious and unconscious creates a reality that seems somewhat distorted at times. It seems that if a dream lacks volition it seems wildly chaotic and frightening. When there is direction and purpose the dream conforms to an acceptable or comfortable narrative. Because we have accepted the notion that conscious dreams (awake) and unconscious dreams (sleep) are different (one real and the other not real) we do not try to impose our will on our unconscious dreams as we do in our conscious dream world. I have found that once you begin to accept that all states of dreaming are the same then your unconscious dreams take on a completely different direction, purpose and or dimension.

Note: I am trying to find the best way to discern resting dreams and awake dreams. The problem I am having is that conscious, subconscious and unconscious are difficult terms to use since I believe that we are only in one constant state of consciousness. I am not yet able to realize and manifest that concept in my mind; essentially waking up from all dreams by uniting all three states of the mind.

What differs in the conscious and unconscious dreamworld is that one is mostly private and the other is shared. Initially that is the case but as you restructure your frames of reference regarding dreams you notice that there are more similar aspects. The most significant change is that your unconscious dreams are not really private. My evolving experiences are proving to me that there is no privacy within the totality of consciousness. Differing dream states are illusions.

The time traveling tourists I cited in my book were people (entities, beings) that knew (learned) about my adventure through the void and came to visit my conscious dream in order to share and experience my dream world. How they did this goes under the speculative heading of “mastering consciousness”. What was once fascinating and mysterious is now only fascinating because I cannot do it myself, yet. When we dismiss the false philosophical concepts of materialism and embrace idealism time becomes coordinates similar to GPS data that point to events within a dream or dimension (level, layer, etc.). This data must be accessible to the whole of consciousness that is essentially the foundation of the shared reality.

People, beings and entities travel through this conscious reality as if it were a tourist destination. I have seen and interacted with many different kinds of people. Those that I called ‘others’, tourists,  those that I claim that were trying to harm or kill me, as well as those that have came to help me realize the truth of my existence. I have caused people to run from me and have somehow become some kind of witness that reveals the presence of beings or entities hiding in this level of reality to the whole of consciousness (yeah, that’s even hard for me to swallow…). There are beings capable of altering your emotional mindset or the shared conscious environment directly. The most effective tool for most of these people is our ignorance of the true nature of consciousness. That ignorance is being exploited in many ways.

So “The Secret” (a.k.a. the law of attraction) has not helped you to materialize and manifest your desires completely yet. Well, there are many reasons why this is the case. One of the most important aspects of this shared dream is that consciousness is manifesting the dreams for everyone within this shared reality simultaneously. Since we are manifesting false concepts of materialism we have established a rigid foundational mindset or paradigm that facilitates the nature of the construct. We believe that this reality is solid, tangible, material and physical, that was built by those that came before us and must be maintained, supported and protected. Cultural paradigms are enforced by social, national, political and religious doctrine.

There are enforcers that exist within my conscious and unconscious dreams that are there to limit the expansion of my conscious environment. What once were terrifying experiences have become benign reminders of this current level of consciousness. I used to look for a physical way out, another location to distance myself from those enforcers, nonlocality has changed that. I now believe that there is no such thing as the physical here. I have a sign on my wall that simply says “There Is No Spoon” (from the film “The Matrix) to remind me that ‘life is but a dream’ and all I need to do is wake up to that simple fact.

I can easily get in over my head with the seemingly limitless possible concepts of this conscious dream world. That is one of the most fascinating aspects of consciousness, anything is possible. It is frightening and yet truly humbling. What I am able to hold onto is my expanding appreciation for consciousness. I believe that as I re-frame my past experienced base references I can find what I have been looking for my entire adult life. I used to call it enlightenment, but now I think it is more along the lines of conscious emancipation.

So. I’ll end this my current prattle here for now. Comments are active and unmoderated. If you do comment it will be posted immediately. I have received some messages on my Twitter account that some readers comments were lost. I do not delete comments unless they are automatically deleted by the spam filter (limit links in comments when possible). I assume that comments on this blog are being censored without my knowledge, email as well, oh well… I’ll keep posting anyway. I can’t really fight the system using the system itself, but I’ll do what I can until I have mastered consciousness.

Next time I’ll continue to explore this fascinating shared dream and talk a little about how consciousness may possibly be two dimensional rather than the three dimensional reality we have all come to know and love…