Without Time

I recently received a comment from a WordPress user Lander7 on a previous post: The Mandela Effect. I may or may not have replied to the comment in the same vein at which it was given, but it did trigger an interesting train of thought that I never considered before. I want to introduce it in this post and will elaborate on it in later posts as I continue to try and incorporate it into my current experiences and my evolving state of mind.

What if, what some of us are experiencing as premonitions, mis-remembered events or, parallel realities, are slices of a reality without time, or at least a concept of nonlinear time. Something so radical and inconceivable would be difficult to understand and possible bring into question their state of mind. Without linear time how would we be able to function within our current construct and concept of reality? What would happen if we perceived the past, present and future as the same thing? If it were to happen quickly we would lose our current frame of reference and cease to function. But, a gradual change would bring about a significant paradigm shift that we can adapt to.

For someone like myself I have learned to adjust to a changing frame of reference. If you have been following this blog you may know that I struggled with my experiences. I have since embraced that which has brought me so much grief, and because of it I have an evolving relationship with my conscious and unconscious realities that is still difficult for me to explain. For me, a nonlinear time based consciousness begins to make perfect sense right now. More to come…

Journal: Acceptance

Is the goal of enlightenment to prepare you for immortality? I wonder how many times have I lived a life, like this one. How many times I have died, but then woke up, or just transitioned into continuing to do whatever I was doing at that moment. Reference one of those moments when I said “I thought I was gonna die”. What if, this (right here, right now) was it. A perpetual dream. When you get better at life, at ‘it’, you start to ascend to higher states of consciousness until you begin to realize that your life will never end, ever… You then begin to realize that you will continue to transition, evolve and expand in ways that are not yet possible to conceive, ad infinitum.

We perceive of opposites, but what we actually perceive is varying degrees of a single thing. Hot & cold is just varying degrees of heat (energy). So, does enlightenment exist because of a perceived opposite? But, what is its opposite? Is it the human condition? Why does the concept of enlightenment even exist? Why do we feel a need to pursue it? If you where to realize that this was ‘it’ and you could ascend to higher states of consciousness (right here, right now), without waiting for salvation or some grand awakening, would you do it? Are you ready? Heaven and Hell are opposites, but of what one thing? Varying degrees of happiness? Are both eternal or temporal? Do varying degrees of conscious states exist between them or within them? Am I currently closer to Heaven or to Hell? I guess that depends upon the moment and that can change dramatically in a matter of seconds. So, if I can move from Heaven to Hell form one moment to the next then they must not exist linearly, like a journey from one place to the next. Heaven and Hell must exist simultaneously within the whole of  consciousness equally accessible at any moment (non-locality, right here, right now) dependent upon varying states and levels of consciousness and your place within it.

When you become enlightened, do you begin to accept that you are an immortal unconscious being within this perpetual dream? Seeing things as they are, accepting them and knowing that it will end, and in the end, you will transition and begin again. How would this change in conscious perceptions frame your conscious environment? Such a realization would change how I would live my life, for the remainder of my immortality. You may also want to sprinkle in a little law of attraction and you may begin to transition, evolve and expand in ways that are not yet possible to conceive.

2D Or Not 2D

Three dimensional perception is actually an illusion of a two dimensional reality or information and data perceived by the mind. Holographic principle supports idealism in that our three dimensional reality is an illusion (being that everything is created by the mind using a frame of reference, or memory based database, everything is an illusion of consciousness). There is a fine line between delusion and illusion. We refer to delusions (such as this one) when we are unable to experience what another person is perceiving. If a person states that they can see pink elephants of ghosts that we cannot see then we label them delusional. As I try and understand the nature of our shared conscious dream it would irresponsible to dismiss another person’s perceptions just because they do not fit the reality we all seem to share. So when someone states that they can see aliens, then I say, COOL!

Information can be interpreted differently based upon the criteria or algorithm (rules) by the interpreter (ultimately you). Data in its raw form is 2 dimensional. Zeros and ones are raw informational elements of a computer operating system. The data has no mass and, for the sake of this post, lacks form. When you fill up your hard drive or memory card on your computer does the device weight more? Does the device grow in size? As we age and collect memories of our experiences does our physical self gain weight? Does our brain grow larger and our skull expand? I think for now we can answer those questions with, no.

The conscious universe is a two dimensional plane with many other dimensions stacked one upon the other. Sting theory states that there are eleven dimensions, but I will agree with ancient eastern philosophy and state that there are infinite dimensions. 2D makes sense regarding the non-local nature of this dream reality although it is very difficult to wrap your mind around what a 2D environment would feel and look like. If you would like to experience a two dimensional existence then this could be achieved with a psychedelic substance called Salvia Divinorum A. Salvia allows all psychonauts to experience similar two dimensional experiences under its influence. Salvia is a potent psychedelic that needs to be respected and used under a the supervision of a experience user (sitter) under the proper set and setting.

My experience with salvia allowed me to perceive a two dimensional reality in that I could only see what was in front of me and to some degree peripherally, but if I tried to look to the left, right or behind me I could not. I was limited to two dimensions. Not only is there the visual entrapment of two dimensions, but there is also the physical restrictions as well. You actually feel physically sandwiched limiting your ability to turn your body. During one particular experience I felt as if I stuck to a fence (or the fence itself). I could feel my body, I could not rotate my view by turning my body. My experience was short lived and soon found myself back on my bed. Many other people have had longer (timeless) experiences in the 2D reality that you can read about online.

The holographic principal infers that our three dimensional reality is an illusion created by our conscious mind. And what we now are beginning to understand about our mind is that it does not always show us (interpret) what is actually in our visual field. The mind uses memory based upon experiences (frame of reference) to concoct/create our reality. Visual information/data is processed then interpreted and displayed. Your eyes actually see the world upside down due to the curved lens and your brain corrects the image so that you see/perceive it correctly. So what else is the brain doing that we are not aware of? Probably much more than you are aware of.

Gett’n All New Agey n’ Shit

If you survived the New Age philosophical ideas of the 70s through the 90s then you have heard all about the light or luminous body, auras, chi and meridians. Well maybe there is something to what they were saying back then because a lot of it is still hanging around. If we are waves of particles that have snapped into being to construct our physical self then we are indeed beings of light or energy and nothing else. People that claim to see auras might actually be seeing something, or at least perceiving energy as information in the confines of their conscious mind.

In new age circles we have always heard that we create our reality with our thoughts and intentions. In a dream we create and perceive our experience in the same manner. Our dreams may have been trying to tell us something and it may not have anything to do with the experiences or the characters therein. Those characters and symbols are trying to get your attention.

Hey! Look at what you are doing right now. You are creating and perceiving something that exists wholly in your own mind. Nobody is experiencing this dream but you. Look what you are capable of. This is no different than what goes on when you are awake. Remember this when you wake up. Hey! are you listening to me? Pay attention!

Most of the time we wake up accept our lives and expect our lives to be nothing more that what they currently are. We are not completely awake, but rather living in an inherited dream world. Memory serves a purpose so that we feel comfort to wake up in a familiar environment of this shared reality. Memory also confines us to this shared reality because it manifests a belief that this reality is the only one.

After my exit from the void into this reality I now inhabit I was able to change things within my conscious reality, but still had difficulty understanding what I was doing. Realizing of what I was perceiving and not being prepared to handle my perceptions was difficult. I struggled with accepting what I was experiencing and thought that I was delusional. I slowly pushed myself back into the well accepted idea of materialism. Even though I tried to find comfort within this reality there were too many things that did not make sense. Thanks to those that watch and try to control the creation and perception of my reality, I cannot allow myself to accept this false concept of reality based upon the philosophy of materialism. Whatever reason they use to condone their actions, those actions have brought about changes in my life that I may have never encountered.

I am changed because I can see that this reality is a dream. My unconscious dreams reflect my current belief. I do not run from that I do not understand. Many times a part of me stands still when being threatened in a dream. The observer within me show me how my thoughts and reactions determine the course of the narrative. The dynamic nature of dreams are consistent in both the unconscious and conscious realms.

Much of what I have written (a couple of months ago) in this post prior to the final edit no longer seems to fit my current mindset. Yes, I have been angry and frustrated. My mind was filled with resentment and vengeance. Funny when you shift your dominant paradigm concerning your perceptions of this conscious construct conscious evolution is no longer inhibited.

One Time…

I was riding my bicycle on a mountain road on a beautiful morning shortly before this post. I was in awe of the beauty of this dream as my reality. I was hit by a thought from my past just after I passed through the void that I had written about in my book. I remembered that I referred to the people I saw looking at me, as if I was an exhibit at a museum, as time traveling tourists. “That’s it!” I said. It suddenly became apparent that Nonlocality was the answer to how it was possible.

I struggled with the concept of time travel for a long time. I even concluded that time travel was not possible. I believed that I was correct. In a physical or materialist worldview time travel is impossible. To go back in time the traveler would need to calculate where the earth was at a specific point in time. Where was the earth on August 15 2001? Where was the solar system? Where was the galaxy or this region of the universe for that matter? Nonlocality or idealism renders those questions mute. One point that past, present and future exist simultaneously within consciousness. I never truly understood what was meant by enlightened people when they said that everything is one. Now I think I can begin to conceive of what that actually means.

When I dream, while sleeping, I can move from one place to another in a blink of an eye. One morning I went from being stuck to the back of a SUV in China to my backyard as the dream changed locations. I spent hours talking with people I knew working, laughing and playing watching the locations and people morph and change before my mind’s eye. My childhood memories come alive and then I see myself as I am, as well as, versions of what I could become played out before me in a matter of, what seem like, seconds or hours.

When I am awake, dreaming this reality, there are the mundane aspects of this linear reality that occupies the majority of my attention. But, I can begin to understand my past experiences that have been so puzzling to me. How did those time traveling tourist know I where I was going to be? How did some of my antagonists know what I had said at one time in my life or were aware of my personal secrets? What was once a mystery can be solved by the nonlocality of idealism. The illusion of past, present and future governed by the construct of our linear perception of time has confined and confounded me. Those that are capable of mastering consciousness move through this dreamworld without the constraints of time and space. How much of my life have they seen or influenced? Do I struggle because of their influence or because I ignore what my subconscious is trying to tell me?

What If…

Let’s take a different perspective on this shared reality and view your life as a dream. Take a look at everything in this reality as if it were only existing in your mind. This may b difficult to do, but considering what we do know about the mind and how it processes information it is not too far from the truth. When you sit in a room the only thing that exists is the room and whatever else you can sense. When you watch television the program only exists for you. Everything that happens during the program is there for you and because of you. You set off to go to work or to buy groceries. The notion you set in play causes consciousness to manifest the environment in order for you to facilitate the task you want to accomplish. No matter what you do consciousness is there manifesting everything within your immediate environment. No matter where you focus your visual sensors the mind communicates that sense data to consciousness and the dream coalesces before you.

When you dream while resting the dream serves you and the interplay of the conscious mind with the subconscious and unconscious creates a reality that seems somewhat distorted at times. It seems that if a dream lacks volition it seems wildly chaotic and frightening. When there is direction and purpose the dream conforms to an acceptable or comfortable narrative. Because we have accepted the notion that conscious dreams (awake) and unconscious dreams (sleep) are different (one real and the other not real) we do not try to impose our will on our unconscious dreams as we do in our conscious dream world. I have found that once you begin to accept that all states of dreaming are the same then your unconscious dreams take on a completely different direction, purpose and or dimension.

Note: I am trying to find the best way to discern resting dreams and awake dreams. The problem I am having is that conscious, subconscious and unconscious are difficult terms to use since I believe that we are only in one constant state of consciousness. I am not yet able to realize and manifest that concept in my mind; essentially waking up from all dreams by uniting all three states of the mind.

What differs in the conscious and unconscious dreamworld is that one is mostly private and the other is shared. Initially that is the case but as you restructure your frames of reference regarding dreams you notice that there are more similar aspects. The most significant change is that your unconscious dreams are not really private. My evolving experiences are proving to me that there is no privacy within the totality of consciousness. Differing dream states are illusions.

The time traveling tourists I cited in my book were people (entities, beings) that knew (learned) about my adventure through the void and came to visit my conscious dream in order to share and experience my dream world. How they did this goes under the speculative heading of “mastering consciousness”. What was once fascinating and mysterious is now only fascinating because I cannot do it myself, yet. When we dismiss the false philosophical concepts of materialism and embrace idealism time becomes coordinates similar to GPS data that point to events within a dream or dimension (level, layer, etc.). This data must be accessible to the whole of consciousness that is essentially the foundation of the shared reality.

People, beings and entities travel through this conscious reality as if it were a tourist destination. I have seen and interacted with many different kinds of people. Those that I called ‘others’, tourists,  those that I claim that were trying to harm or kill me, as well as those that have came to help me realize the truth of my existence. I have caused people to run from me and have somehow become some kind of witness that reveals the presence of beings or entities hiding in this level of reality to the whole of consciousness (yeah, that’s even hard for me to swallow…). There are beings capable of altering your emotional mindset or the shared conscious environment directly. The most effective tool for most of these people is our ignorance of the true nature of consciousness. That ignorance is being exploited in many ways.

So “The Secret” (a.k.a. the law of attraction) has not helped you to materialize and manifest your desires completely yet. Well, there are many reasons why this is the case. One of the most important aspects of this shared dream is that consciousness is manifesting the dreams for everyone within this shared reality simultaneously. Since we are manifesting false concepts of materialism we have established a rigid foundational mindset or paradigm that facilitates the nature of the construct. We believe that this reality is solid, tangible, material and physical, that was built by those that came before us and must be maintained, supported and protected. Cultural paradigms are enforced by social, national, political and religious doctrine.

There are enforcers that exist within my conscious and unconscious dreams that are there to limit the expansion of my conscious environment. What once were terrifying experiences have become benign reminders of this current level of consciousness. I used to look for a physical way out, another location to distance myself from those enforcers, nonlocality has changed that. I now believe that there is no such thing as the physical here. I have a sign on my wall that simply says “There Is No Spoon” (from the film “The Matrix) to remind me that ‘life is but a dream’ and all I need to do is wake up to that simple fact.

I can easily get in over my head with the seemingly limitless possible concepts of this conscious dream world. That is one of the most fascinating aspects of consciousness, anything is possible. It is frightening and yet truly humbling. What I am able to hold onto is my expanding appreciation for consciousness. I believe that as I re-frame my past experienced base references I can find what I have been looking for my entire adult life. I used to call it enlightenment, but now I think it is more along the lines of conscious emancipation.

So. I’ll end this my current prattle here for now. Comments are active and unmoderated. If you do comment it will be posted immediately. I have received some messages on my Twitter account that some readers comments were lost. I do not delete comments unless they are automatically deleted by the spam filter (limit links in comments when possible). I assume that comments on this blog are being censored without my knowledge, email as well, oh well… I’ll keep posting anyway. I can’t really fight the system using the system itself, but I’ll do what I can until I have mastered consciousness.

Next time I’ll continue to explore this fascinating shared dream and talk a little about how consciousness may possibly be two dimensional rather than the three dimensional reality we have all come to know and love…